Board of Directors

Unlike other financial institutions, a credit union is owned and controlled by the people it serves. A small group of members is chosen to guide operations on behalf of their fellow members.

Board of Directors
The board decides how best to use money earned, what services to offer, under what conditions, and at what rates. Our board have volunteered their time, and are people you should know.

Chairperson Karri Hubanks
Vice-Chairperson Dave Topp
Treasurer Sara Marx
Secretary Barb Bergum
Director Bonnie Mueller
Director Jane Masbruch
Director Eric Thornton

Committee Members
There are eight additional committees that help the credit union in making important decisions on certain topics. Below are all of our volunteers that help the credit union to run efficiently.

Assets & Liabilities Committee Supervisory Committee
Cassandra Thom Dianne Riley
Dave Topp Sara Marx
Michele Lehmann Russ Jensen
William Martinez Jane Masbruch
Audrey Faust David Meicher
Joyce Singer Eric Thornton
Cindy Wiedholz
Laura Jelle
Diane Yee
Credit Committee Peggy Balistreri
Paul Huemmer Linda Kubly
Gabrielle Jensen Mary Barefield
Bonnie Mueller
Cassandra Thom Planning Committee
Michele Lehmann
Dave Topp
Nominating Committee Cassandra Thom
Jazmynn Appleton Karri Hubanks
Jane Masbruch Scholarship Committee
Willie Martinez Bonnie Mueller
Peggy Balistreri
Information Technology Committee Kelly Cheramy
Michele Lehmann Robin Briezman
Dave Topp
Karri Hubanks
Willie Martinez
Cassandra Thom
 Barb Bergum
St. Mary’s Janesville- Eric Thornton
St. Clare Hospital- Katie Cowan
Stoughton Hospital- Tonya Kapusta
Home Health United- Diane Nora
Columbus Hospital- Ann Roundy
St. Clare Meadows- Laura McGowan
Oregon Manor- Deb Edgren
St. Mary’s Care Center- Jodeen Bitter

Interested in volunteering on a committee?
Contact Michele Lehmann.