Youth Accounts

Start Saving Young

When it comes to financial responsibility, we’re big believers in starting young. We encourage you to help your children open their own accounts and learn how to handle money—even if they’re just starting out in life.

The Buckaroo and Echo clubs are an excellent way to encourage financial literacy to our youth. Teaching these concepts as soon as possible ensures financial success for the future.

Requirements: Buckaroo and Echo clubs are available to anyone who qualifies for membership and is under age 18. The member must have a savings account and an adult co-signer who is eligible for membership.

Services for Buckaroo & Echo Club

As a youth member of SMACU, you can take advantage of the following services free of charge:

•  Special Share Interest Rate (1%)
•  $10 per semester for 3.0+ GPA
•  $200 minimum to open certificates
•  Exclusive promotions

Buckaroos (Age 0-12)

•  Opening gift
•  Special birthday card
•  Gifts for making deposits
•  eNewsletters with financial literacy, games and other fun facts

Echo (Age 13-17)

•  $25 Gift card at account opening
•  eNewsletters with financial literacy, games and other fun facts
•  Checking account
•  Debit card/Prepaid card
•  Scholarships available for seniors
•  Special birthday card


St. Mary’s & Affiliates Credit Union awards one $750 scholarships each semester to a high school senior.

Eligibility Requirements:
•  Member of SMACU for at least three months
•  Active account*
•  Student must be enrolled in at least nine credits for the upcoming semester
•  Total cumulative GPA is a 3.0 or higher

* All account openings subject to membership eligibility and creditworthiness. Active account means there has been activity on the account within the last three months.