The St. Mary’s & Affiliates CU offers a wide variety of loans. You may need a personal loan for car repairs, to pay taxes, medical expenses or take a vacation. When it is time to purchase a new vehicle, the credit union offers excellent rates with a variety of terms. We offer great rates, and offer credit life and credit disability on most of our loan products. Payroll deduction or preauthorized electronic/automatic payment services are available. Currently we offer the following:

New Auto Loans

  • Defined as a current or previous year model
  • Includes trucks, vans and motor homes
  • Terms range from 36 months to 84 months
  • 100% financing available for vehicle purchase
  • NO payments for 90 days

Used Auto Loans

  • Defined as an auto, which is not a current or previous year model
  • Includes trucks, vans and motor homes
  • Terms based on age of vehicle
  • 100% financing available for vehicle purchase

Recreational Vehicles

  • Boats, motorcycles, camper trailers, etc.
  • Loans for vehicles up to 5 years old receive the recreational vehicle rate, while older than 5 years receives the personal loan rate
  • Terms based on loan amount

Mobile Homes, Large Motor Homes & Large Boats

  • This is a loan which can be used for a mobile home which is used primarily for residential purposes or as a summer home on a permanent location in the State of Wisconsin or a motor home or large boat which provides basic living accommodations including sleeping space, toilet facilities and cooking facilities.
  • Terms of these loans are the same as for second mortgages
  • Same rates apply as for second mortgage loans

Home Equity Loans

  • Mortgage rates will be based on the ratio of the total loan amounts to the property value amount (LTV).
  • To calculate Loan to Value use the following formula:
A.  Market value of home  (assessment/appraisal) ______________
B.  Mortgage loan balances
New loan requested ______________
First mortgage balance ______________
Second mortgage balance ______________
Home Equity line of credit ______________
Other liens ______________
TOTAL  B ______________
C.  Loan to Value (LTV) = B divided by A ______________

Home Equity Line of Credit

  • This loan is an established limit based on the property value.
  • The annual percentage rate (APR) is based on the prime rate reported in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Rates are set for the following loan to value ratios:
60% or less prime rate
61% to 80% prime rate plus 1/2%
  • The APR will be adjusted at the beginning of each calendar quarter based on changes in the prime rate.
  • Upon approval of the loan limit, advances can be obtained for five years. At the end of the five year term, the line of credit must be approved again.
  • Minimum advance is $500, with no limit on the number of advances.

Single Payment Loan

  • This is a loan for a maximum of 180 days with a single payment (principal and interest) at the end of the term
  • Same rate as the one year personal loan rate
  • Credit life and credit disability insurance are available

Share Secured Loans

  • This is a loan that is secured with an equal amount of money in savings at St. Mary’s & Affiliates Credit Union. The Credit Union will place a hold on the savings balance
  • Dividends are still paid on your savings, at the current rate

Share Certificate Secured Loans

  • This is a loan that is secured by a Share Certificate on deposit at the Credit Union
  • The initial loan rate will be granted at two percentage points higher than the current rate being paid on the Share Certificate.
  • Only Share Certificates with a one year or longer maturity can be used to secure a loan. If the certificate is for a shorter term initially, it must be renewed for a term of at least one year.
  • The member will be notified that the loan needs to be rewritten when the certificate maturity notice is sent. The loan will be rewritten annually with any interest rate adjustment necessary.

Personal Loans

  • Loans for purposes such as: vacation, household purchases, home improvement, computer equipment, educational expense, medical expense, bill consolidation, etc.
  • The loan may be secured by signature, co-signer, auto or other acceptable collateral.
  • Rates and terms are based on amount and length of repayment.

Kwik Cash Loans

  • Kwik Cash is a line of credit established by the Loan Officer or Credit Committee. Individual limits are set for each applicant.
  • The minimum advance a member can request from the line of credit is $100.
  • Monthly payments must be made on outstanding balances and are due by the 27th of each month.

Student Loans