Other Services

We are a full-service credit union offering a wide range of financial and convenience services.  Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Fee & Charge Schedule November 2017 update

Direct Deposit

  • Safe and easy way to deposit payroll, social security, government or retirement checks
  • Eliminates a trip to the credit union, standing in line and lost or stolen checks
  • Stop in the credit union and sign up today

Payroll Deduction

  • Available to affiliated employee groups
  • Convenient way to make deposits and loan payments
  • Payroll can be allocated to whichever accounts you would like
  • No minimum deposit amount
  • Can be changed at any time by stopping in at the credit union or giving the credit union a call

Money Orders

  • Maximum amount $1,000
  • $2 per money order

Wire Transfers

  • Refer to the Contact Us area of our website to find in-coming wiring instructions
  • $5 for incoming wires
  • $20 for outgoing wires – please have complete wiring instructions for the receiving institution

Financial Counseling

Budgeting, credit, goals and more! Check out our Financial Counseling services here.

Free Notary Service

  • Documents notarized free of charge for any member

Area Attraction Discount Tickets

  • Great America
  • Wisconsin Dells
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Mt. Olympus

AAA Membership Discount

Life Lock Membership Discount

    • Comprehensive identity theft protection from LifeLock helps safeguard your finances, credit and good name.