Financial Planning

Financial Wellness

St. Mary’s & Affiliates Credit Union will work with you to navigate your financial challenges and goals. We’ll empower you to eliminate financial stress, get out of debt, build savings, improve your credit and achieve your financial goals.

Everyone experiences financial setbacks from time to time. Work with us to ensure that unexpected events do not derail your financial health.

A certified credit union financial counselor will take time to understand your financial situation. We’ll develop a personalized plan that works for you. In addition, we will provide you with helpful tools and resources, and will be here to support you every step of the way.

Community Education and Outreach

We offer workshops on these topics and have strategic partnerships with local businesses and non-profits to help assure that members’ personal finance education needs are met. Want us to host an event at your organization? Contact us today to schedule an event!

How we can help

Personal Budgeting

Help you gain financial stability by determining how earnings can be maximized. Create plans to make it possible to align spending so that money is available to meet living expenses, pay off debt and meet financial goals. Advisors help create a personal spending plan and create a layout of how money will be disbursed and to where.

Credit Revival

Help you to manage spending in a way that allows members to rebuild their credit and improve their credit score.

Debt Management

Learn about diverse ways to structure your debt and to rebuild credit in an efficient manner and make it possible to make ends meet using a budget system.

Financial Strategy Advising

Identify the best ways to use available resources to improve your financial health. This counseling can be used when a member has acquired a large amount of assets.

Tax Preparation

SMACU has teamed up with Focused Tax Solutions, a tax preparation service that assists St. Mary’s & Affiliates Credit Union members with tax preparation and will file your taxes at discounted rates. Rebecca Hammer, our Focused Tax Solutions representative also offers free workshops in regards to topics such as Retirement Planning, Healthcare and Income Tax Reduction. Please call 262-827-1500 or for more information about these services.

Try it Out!

Check out this SMACU Budget Worksheet and begin to create your own budget or print one out and have us assist you.

SMACU Budget Worksheet

To set up an appointment, please contact one of the Financial Counselors below with a request.

Bring to your appointment: Most recent paystubs (3 or more), bank statements for the last couple of months, bill statements, a monthly statement from each creditor, credit report if possible, filed taxes and any other form of financial statement that you believe may assist you in the counseling process.

– Special instructions or documents needed by the counselor will be requested if needed before and/or during the appointment.

St. Mary’s & Affiliates Credit Union has 6 Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors:

Jazmynn Appleton, CCUFC – Lead Member Service Representative
P: (608)258-6305, E:

Cassie Thom, CCUFC – Director of Operations
P: (608)229-7361, E:

Joyce Singer, CCUFC – Director of Lending
P: (608)258-6137, E:

Michele L. Lehmann, CCUFC – President
P: (608)258-6163, E: